ID Grinding is used when an inside diameter or cylindrical opening requires a precise size and surface finish. Parts such as bushings, rollers, bearing, and tubes often require this type of grinding. We have both CNC and manually-operated ID Grinders in house.


-Up to 12" Inner Diameter
-Lengths from 1/2 inch - 16 inches long
-Hold tolerance of 0.000050
-Surface Finish of 6-8 micro inch

Stainless Steels
High Speed Alloys
Tool Steel
Many More

Outside Processing
We take care of all special processing including:   Heat Treating, Plating, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Nital Etch, Passivation, Brazing, Welding, etc.   Grinding service on Cad, Chrome, and Nickel plated surfaces.

ID Grinding

ID Grinding