We provide CNC machining services for a variety of industries. Our customers are traditionally in the Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Defense, Electronics, Marine, Medical, Space, and Trucking Industries. We specialize in CNC precision machining in both the turning and milling processes, providing close tolerance for precision turned parts. We have over 20 years of CNC machining experience and can handle even the most complex precision machining project.

Using computer numerical control, our CNC lathes and mills use CAD files to produce highly accurate precision machined products. Advantages of CNC milling include the ability to create almost any 2D or 3D shape with smooth edges and high dimensional tolerances. Also, the efficiency of the process means lower cost for short production runs.

Our CNC lathes and mills are state-of-the-art, enabling us to produce highly complex parts using our fully automated lights out capacity to reduce production cost and improve lead time.